Central Mass Residence

Residence LS : An aboveground fuel oil tank stored in the basement released approximately 250 gallons of fuel oil. The soil and the groundwater beneath the slab was contaminated with the fuel oil. A strong fuel oil odor permeated the rooms above the basement. A fingerprint showed the fuel was weathered thereby raising the liklihood the leak was chronic before the total line failure.

The microbial population was characterized and found to contain hydrocarbon degrading microbes. The slab was removed, and the soil and groundwater were treated with microbes and nutrients. The initial hydrocarbon concentration of 27,000 ppm in the soil and 590 ppm in the groundwater was determined by GC/FID. After three applications of microbes and nutrients over a three month period, the TPH in the groundwater tested Non-Detect (ND) and in the soil tested 3,000 ppm. The soil treated for six additional months and reached a Response Action Outcome in less than one year.

TPH Ground Water Graph

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