Western Mass Residence

Residence ELM : An above ground fuel oil tank leaked an unknown amount of fuel oil below a slab in a basement. The project cleanup was started by two companies no longer involved with the cleanup. The initial contractor and environmental company installed a pump and treat system, which for two years circulated and separated over 80,000 gallons of water, and recovered less than fifty gallons of fuel oil. A strong odor fuel oil persisted, and the water had approximaetly one-half inch of fuel oil on the surface. The companies were removed from the cleanup activities.

Terrane Remediation, Inc. was asked to perform a feasibility study remediating the groundwater and the soil beneath the slab. A successful study and plan was designed and implemented. Prior to initiation of the Terrane remedial plan, the basement still had a strong fuel oil odor even after two years of pump and treat. Following applications of microbes and nutrients, the strong odor gradually reduced in six weeks to non-detect. A reduction in TPH from a filtered sample of 18 ppm, which had free phase product (LNAPL) on the groundwater, to Non-Detect in less than 10 months after the initial application.

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